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Working Party 16th March

The store cupboard in the Clubhouse needs some work to improve things for the new season. Some better hangers are needed for the ball pushers and scoreboards; there are around 100 bowls which need sorting into sets and either keeping or disposing. Also the cupboard door needs repairing so that it is lockable.

Plan to meet at 9.30am. Great if you can help.

Hope to see you then.

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We knew we had a challenge today as we battled against a very experienced Farnsfield A team. A couple of rinks were close but we were well beaten overall losing 4 rinks. Next time lucky!

Bad luck today team. Score 61-68 so very close. Well done Nigel and Dave H who got a good win. We lost on 3 rinks and won on 1. Away to Farnsfield A next week.

We played Mansfield B today and the final score was a loss of 82 to 40. 1 winning rink 1 drawn rink and 2 losing rinks. The points were 11 to 3. Well played everyone.

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