Covid-19 shutdown

In normal times we should now be bowling, enjoying the fine weather and re-connecting with fellow bowlers.

Alas not, and there seems no clear end in sight. Obviously we hope to get some opportunity to play before the season ends but that remains only a hope. The main thing now is to remain clear of the virus. I hope everyone is ok and keeping healthy.

There was some question about MDC maintaining the bowling green during the lockdown. I'm pleased to say they will and below is the reply I received from MDC. Keep Safe!

Thanks for your recent enquiry with regards to maintenance of bowling greens during the Covid 19 lockdown.

This is something I have constantly raised since the decision was taken approx. 3 weeks ago. Fortunately last week I provided information from other local authorities and a statement from Bowls England to confirm other councils are undertaking a condensed grounds maintenance schedule during these tough times. Last Thursday I was pleased to hear the Corporate Management Team had agreed to resume grounds maintenance at a reduced scale. This includes two single crew teams undertaking grass cutting around OAP’s complexes, tractor cutting large parks areas and commencement of cutting golf greens, cricket wicket and bowling greens once a week to keep the grass at a manageable height which wil be sufficient to enable the teams to get playing surfaces to a playable condition within a couple of weeks once we are back to some normality.

I hope this alleviates your concerns.

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