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Bowls is back!

Monday, June 29th, arrive 1.50pm for 2pm start

The Council has now agreed to re-open the bowls green and, subject to certain restrictions, we can start playing again.

The new guidance for play is summarised below.

Players will need to notify availability to play in advance so that organisation can be made in advance rather than on the day. More details will be given in the next announcement.

The following is a summary of guidance for play at Yeoman Hill Park Bowls Club from 29th June 2020 until further notice.

Full guidance is given by Bowls England and YHPBC will follow this guidance. See document ‘COVID-19: SUPPLEMENTARY GUIDANCE FOR LAWN BOWLS CLUBS Issued: 2nd June 2020’

Summary Guidance for Bowling sessions

· Play in teams of 2 or 3 maximum

· Only 3 rinks will be used with one rink between

· Players will be allocated teams and rinks prior to the session

· Players will maintain 2M distance.

· Players will play on the same rink throughout the session

· There will be one session per day (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon)

· We will not use the Clubhouse other than for getting and returning equipment. Only essential equipment will be used.

· Any equipment used will be handled only by Club officials and sanitized before and after use.

· The Clubhouse toilet can be used

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Jun 16, 2020

2 or 3 per team. 2 teams per rink.


Just a quick question Ray when you put teams of 2 or 3. Is that to play another team or 2 or three per rink. Just been asked by a club member.


Yes that sounds good Ray.


Jun 15, 2020

No fees. All free. We also felt our games this season could be free. We have enough in the bank. Do you agree?


Hi Ray sorry couldn't make it today. Have the council said how much the green fees are this season.

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