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AGM a big success

Members of the club ended the season with a well attended AGM.

The AGM was held in the Turner Hall on the 21st September 2016. There was a very good turnout of 29 members. The AGM was opened by the chairman Eddie Bodill. There were 2 apologies of absences.

The Chairman then read out the minutes of the previous season's AGM. There were no objections and the minutes of the meeting were duly passed. The Treasurer was then invited to give his report. He stated that finances were in good order and there were no outstanding problems. The Treasurer's report was duly passed.

The Secretary reported. He opened by saying that the job had been an eye opener but he had enjoyed it. He was pleased that the membership had increased. He also thanked the ground staff of M.D.C for the magnificent work they had done on the green. He added that he hoped there would be more competitive games against other teams next season.

There followed the election of officials. The Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary were re-elected. M Hutchinson was elected to the post of Club Captain. J Hurley, D Ford, M Hutchinson, R Gibson were elected onto the committee,

The winners of the various competitions were then presented with their trophies. Following this, the meeting was concluded and the buffet was opened. The Club members thank those who contributed toward the success of AGM and the buffet.

This is not the official record for the AGM but a summary for general information

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